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Orthodontics and Dental Centre for Krzycki District

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The Centre came into existence over 20 years ago and it is a multi-profile modern dental clinic in Wrocław, Poland. The first branch to start operations is OrtoDent at 122 b Skarbowców Street. With time we developed so much that we decided to open a branch at 2 Przystankowa Street in Slęza, Poland. Thanks to the experience of our specialists we have been gaining more and more patients with every year. We have also expanded the range of offered services, and – to enhance the comfort of our patients – we have engaged highly qualified medical staff and we have opened new surgeries. In April 2014 our biggest branch at 98 Hallera Street in Wrocław was opened. All the services offered at OrtoDent are performed by highly qualified, competent dentists, including specialists of 1 and 2 degree, accompanied by qualified dentists’ assistants, with the support of competent and friendly administrative staff, and with the use of modern infrastructure and dental equipment. Our specialists are ready to provide you with all the necessary information referring to your treatment which will facilitate making conscious decisions in each case. In our Centre we have taken all steps in order to make sure that all dental problems can be solved on the spot. We can provide you with precise diagnosis owing to accurate and safe digital Roentgen apparatus. Our experienced and qualified staff are devoted to assist all patients, at all ages. We are characterised by individual and professional attitude towards every patient, as well as by high level of provided services which are performed with due diligence, basing on highest standards, according to current medical knowledge and practice. We take care of our patients and the image of our clinic by means of participating in numerous projects and trainings.

You are kindly welcome to take a look at our offer and to take a virtual visit in our Centre by clicking the link.

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