Root canal treatment (or endodontic treatment) is oftentimes the only way to save a tooth from extraction. It is also a treatment that nearly immediately reduces pain. It means treating tissues inside a tooth that cause severe pain.

The treatment should be performed thoroughly, and both the equipment and the materials must be of highest possible quality. At our clinic we treat your teeth with the use of cutting edge equipment:

  • • Measuring the length of the root canal with the use of Raypex 5 endometer,
  • • Machine initial preparation of root canal with the use of RECIPROC,
  • • Thermal root canal filling with the use of Beefill
  • • Treatment control by means of RVG images with low radiation emission,
  • • Treatment with the use of dental dam (Kofferdam) – a special sheet of rubber used to insulate a tooth from the bacteria present in the oral cavity.

Doctors who specialise in root canal treatments, having many courses done, are able to provide you with the best possible care, and also ensure your treatment will be performed WITH NO PAIN, and each individual stage will be discussed with you.