At present orthodontics is one of the most buoyantly developing areas of oral medicine as beautiful and healthy smile is the crowning glory of every person. Orthodontics deals not only with treatment but most of all with preventive care of malocclusion and face and jaw defects occurring in children, teenagers and adults.

In our Centre we specialise in a wide range of orthodontics treatments, starting from treating children with the use of functional appliances known as trainers, as well as orthodontic-functional ones such as Schwarz appliances (removable). We have a lot of experience with dealing with both youngest patients and disabled or challenged children.

Both teenagers and adults can benefit from treatment with the use of permanent braces – with or without elastics, where brackets are located on the surface of a tooth. Our patients can choose between  traditional metal braces, gold braces or  totally aesthetic sapphire braces.

In order to meet the expectations of our patients we have introduced into our offer Incognito, Invisaline braces and Clear-Aligner.

Incognito braces are an example of lingual braces that are located on the tongue side of teeth which allows to maintain an aesthetic smile. They are made of gold, platinum, silver and iridium alloy, and are individually moulded to the shape of the teeth of each patient. These braces are totally comfortable in use, especially for those patients who cannot, due to their profession, wear classic braces located on the labial side of their teeth. This type of braces can be successfully used in patients suffering from oversensitivity to metals, due to presence of gold which is a hypoallergenic material.

Invisaline aligners straighten your teeth by means of transparent, removable elements which are 3D printed, individually for each patient. At home patients themselves exchange aligners every two weeks which means check-ups with your orthodontics specialist are due every three months. These aligners are invisible, comfortable and easy to use which ensures not only aesthetic smile but allows a perfect oral hygiene.

Clear-Aligner This innovative method of orthodontic treatment using transparent overlays that straighten teeth, while replacing permanent and removable devices. Overlays are aesthetic, painless and biocompatible, which provides high comfort. The main advantages of overlays Clear Aligner are convenience and hygiene and the treatment time reduced to a minimum.

Our doctors constantly develop their skills by participating in a variety of professional, orthodontics courses, and by publishing articles in professional magazines. They are more than happy to answer all your questions, and are ready to suggest solutions which ensure your beautiful and healthy smile.

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