Prosthodontics is the science that deals not only with restoration and replacement of lost teeth, but also of missing dental tissue. It is crucial that every missing tooth, even a single one, is not impervious for the whole chewing organ, and therefore it has to be restored as soon as possible – otherwise it will disturb the balance in dental system. Chewing powers will not be distributed evenly, biting off and forming food bites will be disturbed, and also aesthetics of smile will diminish. Moreover, the neighbouring teeth that surround the hole after a lost tooth will change their positions, and the opposite teeth will stick out of gums, and therefore will change the occlusal plane. It will result in further consequences which will impair function of speech and chewing, as well as aesthetics.

Prosthodontic treatment is oftentimes indispensable after endodontic treatment is finished. Due to severe loss of tissue a tooth is weakened, and as a result it loses its natural firmness, and is more prone to breaking.

Teeth of people suffering from developmental disorders are also more fragile, the enamel and dentine show disturbed translucency, they are soft and unaesthetic – and prosthodontics provides solutions to such problems.

  • At OrtoDent Centre we offer a wide range of prosthodontic solutions which include:
  • • Ceramic crowns which replace tooth reconstruction with composite – inlays, onlays and endo-crowns especially recommended after root canal
  • treatment, or after a severe damage to the crown,
  • • Full ceramic prosthodontic crowns,
  • • Dental veneers made of precious and non-precious metals,
  • • Prosthodontic bridges – multi-point solution which imitates natural gaps between patients’ natural teeth,
  • • Crown-root inlays – are used when the tissue of a crown is damaged, but the root remains,
  • • Veneers – onlays that ensure aesthetic appearance of front teeth on the labial side – they have a form of thin porcelain shells which imitate a correct appearance of incisors,
  • • Removable partial and complete dentures, which restore the correct balance in dental arches and reconstruct severe losses,
  • • Traditional and biacetal frame dentures (flexible without metal elements),
  • • Dentures based on implants.

Bruxism has become a common problem – it is a phenomenon resulting from excessive stress and it means excessive tension of jaw-lifting muscles, mainly while asleep. It results in excessive friction of opposite teeth in teeth arches and their abrasion. Our doctors help patients suffering from that problem, by means of realising relaxation rails which, if worn systematically, nullify the excessive tension in stomatognathic system, and influence the relaxation of abnormally stimulated muscles.

We encourage anyone suffering from teeth loss to exercise the services offered by OrtoDent Centre. Doctors, depending on the diagnosed type of loss, will suggest treatment most appropriate for each patient, and will clearly explain all stages of treatment.

After all – we all deserve a beautiful, harmonious smile.