Certainly the word surgery can arise a lot of emotions, especially when it refers to such a sensitive area as our face. At OrtoDent Centre  we are aware of that fact and therefore we have introduced certain standards that let us successfully overcome such negative stereotypes. Every surgical treatment is preceded by appropriate diagnostics and treatment planning and so we have equipped  our OrtoDent Centre in modern equipment for imaging – including the dental cutting edge in radiology – CBCT scanner. Owing to that even complicated treatment can be performed with minimum or no damage to oral cavity.

OrtoDent Centre was created in order to provide complex solutions to health problems of our patients. Our surgeons have expertise and experience in performing surgical treatments in both healthy patients and those with systemic infections. It allows all patients to feel safe during the treatment, but also during the post-treatment period. All our treatments are performed with the use of excellent local anaesthesia. Thanks to that all discomforts are reduced to minimum, and after treatments such as wisdom teeth removal or roots removal patients are ready to proceed with their normal activities. To increase the comfort of our patients we also offer sedation or anaesthesia performed by a professional anaesthetist.

Understanding is the key to success! Numerous surgical procedures performed inside oral cavity seem to be complicated, and their names mean nothing to patients. For that reason, before every procedure we discuss thoroughly the whole treatment with every patient, we describe the results to be achieved as well as any inconveniences that may occur in the process. In case patients are worried whether healing runs well, we are always happy to assist. Dental surgery is not limited only to typical operations of removing bad teeth. Due to modern equipment at our clinic, we are also able to perform pre-prosthetic and pre-implant operations. Owing to that we are create foundations for future replenishments in teeth. Microsurgery allows us to receive excellent aesthetic results which complement complex treatment  procedures at OrtoDent.

Our clinic is one of very few in Wrocław to offer such solutions. We strive to make our patients’ treatments a stress-free experience, and to keep only positive memories of their visits at dentists.

  • Our basic treatments include:
  • • Removing permanent and milk teeth,
  • • Removing impacted teeth,
  • • Resection of roots’ tops,
  • • Hemisections,
  • • Radectomies,
  • • Cystectomies,
  • • Bones transplants and regeneration,
  • • Sinus lifting,
  • • Endo-sinus tract plasty
  • • Surgical bringing down impacted teeth,
  • • Removing changes in oral cavity mucus membrane,
  • • Alveoral process,
  • • Buccal cavity plasty,
  • • Diagnostic sections.