Teeth whitening

White teeth are a widely recognized symbol of health and beauty. At OrtoDent Center we offer the safest teeth whitening methods:

  • Diode Bleaching (Beaming White)
  • Bleached overlay (Opalescence)

The OrtoDent Center as the only one in Poland can offer the best tooth whitening system in Beaming White (USA). By using well-defined procedures and original Beming White products, we can improve up to 14 VITA shades.

Tooth Whitening by cabinet method:

Beaming White – whitening with this system is carried out by qualified staff of dentists. Teeth whitening by this method is completely safe and gives long lasting results. Bleaching with the Beaming White system takes 1.5 hours (three sessions of 30 minutes each) and takes place on one visit. Prior to the date of the visit, the dentist conducts free consultation with the patient for bleaching (etiology of discoloration, tightness of fillings, presence of stone, periodontal disease) that qualifies for surgery. Keep in mind that teeth before and after office bleaching should be cured and cleaned of sludge and stone. After being treated, the patient receives a GC toothpaste from Tooth Mouse, ensuring that the teeth are more mineralized than before whitening. The toothpaste should be applied about a week before the scheduled bleaching. Before the surgery (on the day of the visit) the dentist applies a special bleaching gel to the patient’s teeth and illuminates it with a special lamp. After bleaching, the patient should use “white diet” for two weeks and avoid food and coloring (coloring) foods. The advantage of teeth whitening is the immediate effect!

Tooth whitening by home method:

The Opalescence System – whitening with this system is intended for those who have an end result of bleached teeth can wait. The effect is also long lasting as in office bleaching, only the whitening process is “dragged” in time. The dentist gets dental impressions from the patient and makes individual teeth overlays (transparent, soft overlays on the two dental arch). The doctor on the next visit gives the patient an overlay and bleaching gel and instructs the patient exactly how to whiten his teeth. Overlays with a bleaching gel will place the patient at home for several hours a day – preferably overnight, for several days until the desired effect (7 to 14 days).

Remember that dark single teeth (after injury or root canal treatment) are definitely harder to whiten and can not always whiten just like live teeth.

Contraindications for bleaching:

  • pregnancy
  • breast-feeding
  • age below 16 years